Formaggini al Parmigiano Reggiano

140 grs

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese spread portions are ideal as part of a varied and balanced diet. They are perfect for children, because they are made entirely from PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, naturally rich in calcium, essential for the development of bones and a source of vitamin A. Soft and creamy, with a delicate taste, they are excellent to melt in soups and spread on bread for a genuine snack.

Allergens milk, whey, butter

Storage Keep cool and dry

Average nutrition values for 100grs

Energy 878 kJ - 217 kcal
Fat15 grs
Saturated Fat10,5 grs
Carbohydrates5 grs
Sugars5 grs
Proteins14 grs
Salt1,75 grs
Casa Modena and Parmareggio are part of: Gran Terre
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