Welcome to Italy. A journey into truly authentic flavour.

A region steeped in history, with a strong food and wine culture, highly regarded and respected all over the world: Italy has over 300 PDO (Protected Designation of Origin-PDO) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication-PGI) products and excellent DOC and DOCG wines.


a pearl in the heart of Italy

The pleasure of eating well

People, nature, farms, tradition, authenticity: there are many factors that make this region one-of-a- kind. Here, time is marked by the rhythm of passion. Passion for good food, the most authentic
flavours, the desire to be in the company of others and share the love for the products of this region.

Every taste is a journey in the discovery of unmistakable flavours. Every product is the result of centuries of history and experience. Every smile is an invitation to new experiences.

We have no secrets.

Just outstanding products

The simplicity of good things.

Let us win you over with the outstanding GranTerre products. You will discover the authentic taste of the tradition of Italy, based on experience, an upbeat lifestyle and the gastronomic expertise handed down over the centuries.

We have no secrets.

Just outstanding products

Casa Modena and Parmareggio are part of: Gran Terre
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