Our mission

Create an agri-food group with a cooperative matrix, of great national and international relevance specialized in the Italian excellence of cured meats and aged cheeses.

A big Group,

an ambitious goal

Our values

We want to be a reference partner for distribution in Italy and abroad, able of growing on the markets in line with new consumption trends, guaranteeing high quality, distinctive and innovative products thanks also to the notoriety and appreciation of our brands capable of enhancing the capital and products of the shareholders.
This is the mission that our Group sets itself in the exercise of its business, considering the interests of all the stakeholders with whom it comes into contact in carrying out the activity.

Our world revolves around quality.

Specifically, we pay particular attention to values ​​such as:

  • People first
  • Product quality and consumer health
  • Innovation
  • Environmental safeguard
  • Sustainability and welfare
  • Land and community
  • Reliability, knowledge, passion


Our world revolves around quality.

Casa Modena and Parmareggio are part of: Gran Terre
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