Salame al Finocchio

200 grs

Salame al Finocchio is a typical product from Tuscany. Its characteristic flavor comes from the presence of wild fennel seeds in the preparation, a habit introduced in the Middle Ages to replace pepper, which is rarer and more expensive. This charcuterie then spread throughout the country. It has also been appreciated outside the Italian borders for decades. Salame al Finocchio is made with minced pork and wild fennel seeds. It has a deep red color, a subtle fennel smell and flavor.

Storage Keep refrigerated at 0°C / +4°C

Average nutrition values for 100grs

Energy1640 kJ - 395 kcal
Fats31 grs
of which satures12 grs
Carbohydrates0 grs
of which sugars0 grs
Proteins29 grs
Salt4,5 grs
Casa Modena and Parmareggio are part of: Gran Terre
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