The reliability of a big Group

GranTerre is a single food Group specialised in the very best traditional Italian salami, cold meats and ripened cheeses.

Where we stand now

A focused strategic and innovative vision combined with the quality of the products we offer and strong ties with the region have allowed the Group to expand and consolidate its presence abroad as well, offering a diversified range of products designed to anticipate the needs of consumers and
business partners alike.

Billion turnover
Production plants and logistics
Employees worldwide

Our values

Our values are driven by customer expectations and satisfaction.

What we believe in


We have strong ties to our region and the food and wine traditions of Italy.

A region to be experienced


Combining safety and sustainability: our commitment to future development.

our approach

Our brands

The range of our brands, which capture Bonterre’s experience and quality.
Casa Modena and Parmareggio are part of: Gran Terre
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