Salame Milano

200 grs

Salame Milano was originally made in the plain of Milan and Lodi, between the villages of Codogno and San Colombano al Lambro. Its production now extends throughout Lombardy and northern Italy. It is one of the
most famous sausages in Italy.

This charcuterie, with a soft and delicate flavor, comes from a mixture of finely ground “rice-grain” pork: the fat part and the lean part are distributed very evenly using a utensil called “finimondo”.

Storage Keep refrigerated at 0°C / +4°C

Average nutrition values for 100grs

Energy1441 kJ / 347 kcal
Fats27 grs
of which satures11 grs
Carbohydrates0 grs
of which sugars0 grs
Proteins26 grs
Salt3,6 grs
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